Tips to avoid account suspension


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The online sellers whose source of income is selling products on Amazon, a suspension can prove to be devastating. It is worse when you do not know that you have been against the policy of Amazon for so long. A sudden suspension is bad and all it takes is some complaints against you.

Suspensions are common in the online market and more so with Amazon as they look for full customer satisfaction. However  amazon appeal can have you recover it.  However you could to do certain things on your part being a seller. But there are ways in which your account could stay active for a longer period of time. These things are aren’t very hard to achieve. Some of them are known to most of the sellers.

Don’t list products which you can’t sell

This seems to be common knowledge to most of the people. But there are many who makes this mistake. They list products which they do not have in their inventory. Amazon looks everything with a professional view. So if you do not have a product, do not list it or touch it. Else, your account will get suspended. Many sellers list products which they don’t sell, thinking that if they get a better offer, they would get that particular item.

amazon suspension

Customers want products to be available if they are listed. If certain items are out of stock, you need to remove them from the list or else you would face problems. Amazon wants 100% customer satisfaction. Doing such stuff would attract negative feedback which could lead to the suspension of your account.

Be Wary When Using Liquidators

Purchasing inventoryfromliquidators in order to sell at Amazon is a very risky thing to do. Amazon does not support the use of liquidators and doing so could lead to the suspension of your account.Although liquidators could get yourproducts at a cheap rateit would be better if you avoid them and buy directly from the actual supplier instead. Invoices need to be legitimate or else it might land you in great problem. Invoices are the only way out if your account gets suspended due to any of the reasons. Having all the invoices from your sources and customers is necessary to have along with you.


Being a seller, you need to take care of certain things and need to follow the rules and policies of Amazon, in order to continue as a seller on Amazon.

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