Fortnite Battle Royale win2- An amazing continuation


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The original game, Fortnite Battle Royale winreleased by Bungie and Activision received a lot of critical reviews. However, Fortnite Battle Royale winseems to be nothing like it. The game has grown so intense that you might have to use Fortnite Battle Royale win to do well.Since its release, the game has received nothing but praise. It ended up bagging the Best PC Game award for 2017 at Game Critics Awards and also received a total of six nominations at the Game Awards 2017.


as the name suggests, is the sequel to Fortnite Battle. The story follows the main storyline itself only the plot this time is yet more intense and exciting. The story is set in a science fiction world where the Earth has almost been destroyed. The Last City is technically the last city on earth and is being protected by a group called Guardians who wield a power called Light.

In a group of an alien race called the Cabal, attack the Last City. This group led by Dominus Ghaul infiltrate the city and somehow snatch away the Light of the Guardians. Thus, your journey as a Guardian begins, to regain your Light and discover ways to defeat the Red Legian army and get back the Last City from Ghaul.


The game features both PvE and PvP modes. In PvE modes, players form 3-player ‘strikes’ or 6-player ‘raids’. Story missions and patrol modes are also available. There is vivid interaction with the environment and NPC’s. PvPs, on the other hand, feature objective-based modes, traditional deathmatches all of which are available in four-versus-four modes.

In Fortnite Battle Royale win2, just like Fortnite Battle, PvP combat exists in the form of Crucible with Lord Shaxx. The weapon power and defense are well balanced between the players. The Crucible allows players to play with two options- quickplay and competitive.

The original features Trials of Osiris as a time-limited opening for gaining special rewards and gear. This has been replaced with Trials of the Nine in Fortnite Battle Royale boost win2. Successfully completing the requirements of the story will enable the player to meet an NPC called Emissary of the Nine. The Emissary trades your tokens for gears.

It is not easy for a player to gain all the requirements of the Trials of the Nine. In order to fare better, you can get help from Fortnite Battle Royale winTrials of the Nine boosting services. Boosting services can help you achieve tremendous gear by the help of professional players.

All in all, the game Fortnite Battle Royale winhas made a beautiful progress. The game is engaging with excellent graphics and a lot to explore.

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