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Whether you’re taking a train, walking in a mall, or just strolling on a sidewalk on your way to work, one of the most common sights you’ll see is people’s eyes glued to their smartphones. It would be equally unsurprising to see their fingers tapping on the screen incessantly.

Smartphone games have become an industry in its own right. With the advancement of mobile phones came the advancement of the games it contains. For every kind of person, there is a different game for him or her. The gaming industry is so vast you’ll definitely find a game worth playing.

Strategy Stars

If you’re the type who likes to plan and perhaps even scheme, then there are a ton of strategy games out in the market. Most of them involve building a city and invading a competing territory. Games like Legends of Callasia, Clash Royale, and the classic Clash of Clans are perfect for you. There’s even a hack for Clash of Clans called Castle Clash Hack that can help you even be better in the game.

Aces of Adventure

If you’re the type to explore new worlds and embark on an exciting journey then this genre is best for you. Games like 80 Days, Broken Age, and The Silent Age will undoubtedly satisfy your craving for exploration and danger as they embody what a great adventure game entails. While you might not find hacks as thorough as Castle Clash Hack, it won’t stop you from enjoying what these games have to offer.

Mental Masters

So, you’re not a fan of either strategy or adventure, well maybe you’ll enjoy mental games such as puzzle more. These aren’t the kiddy puzzles you played as a child. They’re more challenging, exciting, and visually stunning. Monument Valley is an example of a modern puzzle game of breathtaking visuals. You also have The Room which gives a different spin to the meaning of puzzles. Just because it’s a puzzle game doesn’t mean it’s boring.

No Bad Choice

To end, because there is a plethora of fun and exciting games to choose from, there’s bound to be a game for you. What’s great is that a lot of them can be downloaded for free. So, if you find that you don’t like something there’s really no loss on your end. Now, part of the fun is actually hunting for that perfect game to satisfy all your entertainment needs.

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