Artificial grass range to get perfect match for your lawn


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If you are planning to choose the perfect artificial grass to enhance the beauty of your lawn, you should be very informative to understand the different range of grass to get the real time service with durable product that is beneficial for you in long term. This is very confusing situation to choose right artificial grass range. You should take appropriate legal way to get exact range product that is similar to natural beauty. You can easily divide artificial grass range in for category that helps you to choose profitable product for you.

 Value range: You can easily select three different artificial grass ranges in this category grass. This is completely based on height warranty period and size per square meter. This is very necessary to get a perfect shape loan as per your choice and requirement to convert your imagination into reality.  It is very important to choose sufficient pile height like 20 mm, 30 mm, 32 mm with vision range and meadow range that has 10 year warranty period. The price of artificial grass changes according to price per square meters.

Mid range grass:  This is unique combination with look and feel of product. You can select from three ranges provided with best in class quality in low price that is perfect match as per your choice and requirement. You can choose pile height read 25 mm, 30 mm, and 35 mm with NL luxury range and Eclipse range.

 Luxury range:  This is most suitable for luxury range product to get natural beauty. You can choose the best suitable according to file height with 29 mm, 27 mm and 37 mm to get perfect shape and size to convert your imagination into reality. You get tri color in all range to get genuine beauty. You can get perfect fit tiles in different shape lawn.

 Putting green: This range is suitable for getting true green in less time to give perfect design to enhance look of your lawn. It is available in 15 mm size with durable life having seven scale colors in artificial grass.

 This is very important to have perfect knowledge about various different range of grass with genuine quality product.


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