How to Choose Curtains to Decorate the Parental Bedroom


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Intimate place par excellence, the bedroom requires a decoration at the same time personal and felted, soothing and restorative, in particular in the choice of its curtains. Designed as a space of tranquility, the decoration of the parents’ room must be imagined as an invitation to sleep, relaxation or even abandonment. Click here for window coverings.

Intimate place par excellence, the room requires a decoration personal and felted, soothing and restorative. Conceived as a space of tranquility, the decoration of the room must be imagined as an invitation to sleep, relaxation or even abandonment. Place of daydreaming and meditation, the room can by one or the other of its windows; offer a view on romantic landscapes where the spirit will escape or on a busy and animated street.


Take the time to decorate your room to the end, without letting yourself be caught by the other rooms. Do you want a cocooning atmosphere, comfortable, warm, with shimmering colors? Or rather pure, open to light, airy colors?

The curtain to refine the decor

Useful primarily, the curtains of the bedroom respond simultaneously to several vocations: they make the room dark to create a cocoon conducive to sleep. The pair of double curtains also allows isolating the window thermally and phonically. Finally, a beautiful pair of curtains framing the window of the room will create a real decor on its own. Visit this site for window coverings.

The curtain can bring to the room a cozy and soft atmosphere, or a more dynamic decor depending on the colors and patterns you choose. Room to live where obviously the bed marital, the parents’ bedroom is today often open on a bathroom adjoining, a dressing room or office space with computer and television, requiring curtains to avoid unpleasant glare. Sheer, heavy jacquard fabric, cotton or linen, it’s up to you to bring style and comfort to your room!

Art-Deco curtains for the bedroom

The room can sometimes accommodate an office area, so curtain with exotic landscape drawn in line with a print effect gives this printed canvas a very contemporary look. Bring an Art Deco style to the room with fabric and sophisticated design and glossy and matte effect.

Play the mix and match of patterns

Have fun mixing the different materials, textures, colors, and patterns! If you have chosen a dominant color for your room with a curtain, you can match it to your decorative cushions on the bed and add some other colors. Do not hesitate to accumulate the textiles: plaids, throws of bed, sheets and carpets become your deco tricks for the acoustic insulation. The more fabrics in a room, the more noise will be absorbed.

Stripes for the curtains of the room

The stripe is a timeless motif: A striped curtain with soft colors will be the deco asset in the room for a romantic and warm room. You can match colors to plain cushions on a dresser or bed.

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