Beyond the scene hoodie – your custom concert companion


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Complete your outfit for your upcoming Kpop concert in full style with the custom BTS hoodie, and make sure you get noticed. With a new design, logo and customization option, this hoodie is indeed the most appealing piece of clothing for any Kpop fan. One can even sport favorite band star or name of the rock band which they are fond of!

What makes the Beyond the scene hoodie impressive

This new version of the traditional BTS hoodie is far more impressive and attractive in terms of color, details and design. It is well-known that the boys band changed the meaning of BTS from Bangtan boys to beyond the scene. So, the hoodie features this abbreviation in their logo. Simultaneously, they also introduced a custom feature that is far to resist. Now, buyers have the exclusive option to personalize their hoodie with the name of their favourite band member at the back. In other words, not only do you get to express your support for the band, you have the option to personally shout-out to your favourite band member. More over all age groups prefer wearing t shirts and no gender bias. T shirts are universal. Does it get any better than this?

These Beyond the scene hoodies come in different colors and sizes, fits thin to fat persons

 The BTS hoodies are available in a wide range of sizes from xxs to xxxxl, so every fan gets his pick irrespective of how big or small you may be. The monochromatic black look is simply punctuated with the bold logo print in white. The high contrast creates an electric effect, making you visible from near and far. Made from high quality material, with clean lines and minimalist design details, durability is assured. The front pockets allow for easy storage and add to the casual effect of the clothing.

You are not fully set for the upcoming concert without your own BTS custom hoodie. Whether it is to wear to the event or to wear at leisure to show your adoration for your favourite band, the BTS hoodie is an essential in your wardrobe. Simply use the online ordering option to choose the name of your favourite band member, and order it in your size. Get it before the next concert, buy a light stick as well, and you are all set to rock at the next concert. So, what are you still waiting for?